The Mission
Our mission is to move the world more faster in knowledge gaining , developing , creating , sharing and exploring.
About the Redible

Redible, a social networking platform is the brainchild of Rohan Ashik and Nafil Ahmed, a 19 year old Indian duo from Tirunelveli disrict, South India. Redible is looking to revolutionize social networking into a genuinely productive form where users can meet, discuss, publish and share ideas over similar topics of interest. Who you meet depends majorly on your current occupation, educational qualification and even common news interests, where you can share thoughts and feelings with whoever's interested. This removes any kind of biasing or unnecessary subconscious judgments we may make when we meet someone for the first time. True to their word, Redible has indeed been put through alot of vigorous tests and improvisations, to bring you the perfect diet of healthy social networking..

The Crew
A Rohan Ashik
Founder & CEO, Redible
Co-Founder & President, Redible
Surya Kumar
Chief Secretary, Redible
Parama Sivan
Creativity Director, Redible
Ahamed Thouseeth
General Manager, Redible
Krishna H Shah
Spokesperson of Redible Crew
StartUp Financial Helper of Redible Crew
Director of Publicity, Redible
Media partner of Redible