The Mission
Our mission is to move the world more faster in knowledge gaining , developing , creating , sharing and exploring.
About the Redible

Created by the students of 12 grade from India.The Redible is a concept based on sharing knowledge of individuals to others which makes them more informatively intelligent than any other website or social Network.Behind the screen, the work were done over 326 days of Hard Work of about 1,50,000 lines of code written.Over 9 Concepts were brought newer in Redible for the first time on the internet History. www.redible.org is the 4th generation production of our Redible Crew.Where ralive.net,redible.blogspot.in,redible.in v3.0 were our old generations. The Successful 4th Generation Redible were created from the analysis of our old generations product.

The Man and the Crew
A Rohan Ashik
The Emperor and the Founder of Redible
The Crew
Nafil Ahamed
The Co-Founder and Director of Publicity of Redible
Ramesh Babu
The late Co-Founder of Redible
Surya Kumar
The Chief Secretary of Redible
Parama Sivan
The Creativity Director of Redible
Ahamed Thouseeth
The General Manager in Redible
Krishna H Shah
The Spokesperson of Redible Crew
The StartUp Financial Helper of Redible Crew